Husband Wife ~ A last minute Christmas present

So we all had our Christmas experience for 2010… I am sure we all had the gift giving. Everyone gathered around the Christmas tree and gave the Christmas presents to our loved ones…

But before we did that, like some other people, I had my last minute shopping. I had to find a gift for my hubby-yo-baby-yo that very morning of December 24th. Everyone in the family had three gifts… my Mudra (momma), my sistah, but my three kids ~ they just got two individually wrapped gifts from us (meaning hubby and me), but they had more than that since their Timyta (aunt aka my sistah) had gifts for them- so they got more gifts obviously, which of course was great since they’re the most important beings in the house that must receive gifts.

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Glam Rock~ Gestating Our Costumes.

63682_10150118394633185_316269648184_7285299_884008_nThinking of what clothes to wear is stressful for me. When we’re told to dress like a rock star… I couldn’t help but niggled. Where in the world should I get the costume? Nonetheless… I was able to tack together every piece from my wardrobe…including my hubby’s [it’s not hard to excogitate his costume since he likes country rock… So a country rock star he became that night] … 

Personality wise, hubby and I are a bit reserved and reticent…We could not go for that heavy-metal-rockstar look. So we thought of country rock for him and pop rock for me.

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White Christmas

I wish I would get to experience white Christmas… with that I mean I see snow in the surrounding. I have cousins and other relatives who are now working and or living abroad. From their mouth, I often hear them complain and say that they wish to be in the tropic at this specific season.

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