Sticky Icky

Summer is the season when you want to get refresh all the time- Well, I am just speaking for myself. Most people go for cooling things- be it clothes, refreshments, cosmetics…anything of that sort.

As for me… I use splash cologne most of the time and loose powder… I do not want to use lotion because it feels so sticky on my skin when the weather is warm. So i stay away with lotions because of that sticky icky feeling. I also prefer sunblock sprays when I need to stay outdoor.

But jut today, I discovered that there is one lotion that does not give me that gooeyness. Heard of Dancing Waters of Bath and Body Works? Wow! It is cooling and refreshing. The scent is so mild that it doesn’t annoy your nose. What is good with Bath and Body Works body cream is that, it can treat the driest skin and moisturize it.