I fancy with pillows… I have at least 2 extra pillows that i put on my sides when i go to bed. I used a pillow to cushion my back when I am working in my computer.

I like my pillows to be extra fluffy and huge. I used to have a body pillow but I had to dispose it because it is occupying so much space already along with my two other pillows. My bedmate complains that our bed gets crowded with pillows. We are just opposite when it comes to pillows. He likes flat pillow, the one that doesnt bury his head.

I also love throw pillows. Aside from the decorative purpose, throw pillows are good sit-upon when there is no more room in the couch. I love to sit on throw pillows when squatting on the floor while playing board game. But if your throw pillow case is made of silk and decorated with beads and sequins, you better not sit on it.

I used to make and sell floor pillows. These are the types of pillows you place on movie den. I sold floor pillow in set. A set has 3 varying sizes of floor pillows. The biggest one is really huge enough to hold an adult body. The middle size pillow can cushion the body of an 8 year old kid at least. The smallest one is like the size of a throw pillow, just enough to hold the size of an adult butt.


Beading is a fun craft that allows you to learn new techniques. It also broadens your imagination and gives you opportunity to earn money. I always go for these three reasons. I just love to make my hands busy and to try new crafts.

I learned to sew a few years back. I made bags and earned from it. I also sewn few of my clothes, my daughter’s and my sister’s graduation blouse. I learned to needlework gowns and blouses too.

I have learned to cook dishes and bake goodies. But I never attempted to make money out of it. I just want my husband and kids to taste good and palatable food. So, I desire to improve my cooking skill from simply survival cooking to better cooking, if not advanced. LOL!!!

Right now, I am into beading accessories, bag charms and mobile charms. I am fascinated with accessories. I do wear them and so I want to learn making some of these girl stuff. Lo and behold, I was able to make earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I invested in beading tools and bought crystals, gem stones, charms, wires, locks and a lot of  gewgaws. My trinketry has allowed me to make handiwork. I am having fun learning to quirk, bead, twist, crimp, and clasp beading materials.