Grad Skul

I am presently enrolled in a graduate program. This has been a desire right after graduation but then was put on hold for quite awhile. I have been shifting from one graduate course to the other… The school I am in right now is the 4th university already… I hope I would be able to finish my graduate study as plan.

Here are some photos that chronicle my activity every Saturday.





B2S is simply a “nonce word”, which I thought I have created myself… Wink BUT only to find out that this term has existed a long time ago, I googled it and discovered about 659,000 results (0.28 seconds) that are related to it. Yeah! It means Back To School… It can be categorized as a Textese or SMS language or a NetLingo.

The term B2S came to my mind not because I am back to teaching [by the way, I’ve been teaching at NDDU for two semesters now ]…but basically because I am now a student… Yep! I decided to pursue my Postgraduate study. I hope to continue my MA Lit but then the university does not offer the course… so I have no choice but take TESL postgrad course.

In fact, I just finished taking my LE 505 Exam today… I’m pretty sure that this is going to be an exciting stage… and that I still have quite a long way a head.

My Teacher, My Hero

My husband and I have weekly dates… [been blogging about this activity for several times] Last week, we decided to just eat in Jollibee– a fastfood chain here in our place. As usual my husband had champ burger while I had my favorite rocky road sundae, no pies this time though.

After dining, we left of course. It is not a good place to hang out with, though this franchise store has improved its facility and the dining area. I just noticed this board that they placed near the counter… It says “My Teacher, My Hero” … It caught my attention, because I am a teacher. Somehow, I appreciate their gesture of honoring the teachers in the community. I believe that was made in celebration of the teacher day, which was observed last October 5, 2010.

Here are the pictures I took that night.

DSC00012 DSC00014 DSC00013 DSC00015