Last night was one of those irregular dates we, my hubby & I, have had. We can not just fix our schedule because time is indeterminable for us.

Drinking coffee is one of our favorite things to do together. We visit different coffee shops and order my favorite latte, and his iced mocha blend.

I like watching the baristas making my fresh coffee… there are coffee shops here in our city that is comparable to starbucks.

I want to try espresso… I just cant drink one for now. Health reason.

We had a great time at Fagioli’s last night. Place is cool.

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I am a coffee person. I can’t sleep without having my last cup at night… My mom had a vacation in my hometown for 2 long months. She came home a few days back and she brought me my favorite Monk’s Blend. It’s a homegrown coffee made by Monks. The coffee beans are harvested in their coffee plantation and are processed by themselves. This is a prime commodity not just in my hometown but in my country. The monks in the transfiguration indeed earn decently from it. The Monk’s blend and some peanut products are saleable not only among the locals but also the tourists who visit our place.

I heard so many therapeutic benefits from coffee. Some essential oils have scents of coffee as well…But regardless of what it brings, I just love coffee. This beverage does give me a feeling of cloud nine. It is really a beverage I can’t live without in a day. My meal will not be complete without serving coffee… my mousepad will be lonely without its mate beside it too- and that is my favorite moss-green mug filled with a freshly brewed coffee.

Yup… imbibing coffee has been a meronymy to things I do.


I have been so busy with work. I have less sleep. I slept past 2 am today then woke up at 7 in the morning, then back to work. I have so many deadline piled up to the neck… to the point that I have forgotten to eat. It is almost dinner yet I have not eaten a single meal. I was just surprised hearing a rumbling sound… only to find out it is my stomach…aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Gotta find food, scavenge in the fridge. Zooooooom, I go.