Blue Moon

Blue moon… we recently watched “The Smurfs”… Yeah, you figured it right. I got the title of this blog from that movie. I just find it apt because there are things I don’t do often like reading a novel for leisure, cross-stitching, swimming, shopping and dating with girl friends…

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The Philippines has a booming entertainment industry. Television was introduced in the country some time in 1950s (Wikipedia), and since then the Philippine Television has evolved its way to the masses, reaching every home in every part of the country even across the globe.

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My Daughter Yanni Turns 10

I gave birth to her last January 1, 2001… She’s my only daughter and she has one older brother and one younger bro too… Rearing her [including the boys] is both a joy and a challenge… I wanted her to grow up into a fine godly woman.

Anyway, since she is born January 1…it is  hard to organize a party for her with her friends because most of the time their families are having parties of their own, or prolly they are on vacation too…

Anyway… we can arrange for a pajama party for her some other time.

DSC00100 (1)

Glam Rock~ Gestating Our Costumes.

63682_10150118394633185_316269648184_7285299_884008_nThinking of what clothes to wear is stressful for me. When we’re told to dress like a rock star… I couldn’t help but niggled. Where in the world should I get the costume? Nonetheless… I was able to tack together every piece from my wardrobe…including my hubby’s [it’s not hard to excogitate his costume since he likes country rock… So a country rock star he became that night] … 

Personality wise, hubby and I are a bit reserved and reticent…We could not go for that heavy-metal-rockstar look. So we thought of country rock for him and pop rock for me.

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My Teacher, My Hero

My husband and I have weekly dates… [been blogging about this activity for several times] Last week, we decided to just eat in Jollibee– a fastfood chain here in our place. As usual my husband had champ burger while I had my favorite rocky road sundae, no pies this time though.

After dining, we left of course. It is not a good place to hang out with, though this franchise store has improved its facility and the dining area. I just noticed this board that they placed near the counter… It says “My Teacher, My Hero” … It caught my attention, because I am a teacher. Somehow, I appreciate their gesture of honoring the teachers in the community. I believe that was made in celebration of the teacher day, which was observed last October 5, 2010.

Here are the pictures I took that night.

DSC00012 DSC00014 DSC00013 DSC00015

Not Easily Broken

I find this film a good movie. The way it is presented… it is not churchy and preachy. Anyone could relate to marital issues in all forms.

My heart was broken because a friend of mine back home is going through a storm in her marriage… and reality bites.

But I agree with what the bishop said in the movie…

“without God as the third strand of the cord in your marriage… your marriage is not going to make it through…”     well, something to that effect.

Other Best Quote from the Film:


Dave Johnson: Down through history men have always been measured by how hard they work and cultivated, how well the protected their wife and children. In the old days woman saw their man as conquerors, providers, heroes. But somewhere along the line that change, woman started to became their own hero, maybe it was because their man forgot to be relic or because woman don’t want to be protected anymore or maybe woman had to be their own hero because of the pain they had to endure in life. But whatever the cause, the world took away a man’s reason for being a man. It told him he wasn’t important anymore and when that happened, it turn the whole world upside down.


Home for the holidays

I have not been able to update my blog for several days because my family and I were spending the holidays with our families in our hometown. I have chronicled the highlights of the vacation on daily basis.


December 22

John and I were hesitant to go because Zoe had fever, and we couldn’t sleep well because we were watching him. But we still packed up our things and prepared. IMG01284

December 23

4 am…we woke up the kids and told them to wash up because Nolan would pick us up around 5 am. We had coffee and kids had choco drink. We ate sandwich and prepared some for Nolan and Red

6:30 pm… we left Gensan taking the route to Koronadal City, Tacurong, Maguindanao, Kidapawan, Kabacan then traversing the southern part of Bukidnon. We had stopovers of course to some places…and reached our destination—Malaybalay City, around 2 pm.

Map picture

December 24

Christmas eve was spent with my hubby’s family We all had a great time.

December 25

We visited my family in Valencia City. We had sleepover at my mother’s elIMG01316der sister.

December 26

We also went to my paternal’s relatives…Had lunch with my paternal granny. My father bought my daughter a portal organ… then we went back to my husband’s place.

December 27

Attended Sunday service at our home church. It was really great to hear Ptr. Bob preaching again.

December 28

Had another family dinner with my hubby’s family. Visited some relatives and friends. Yanni got sick.

December 29

Decided to stay for new year. Yanni had fever and asthma. So brought her to her former doctor.

December 30

Tita Annie arrived. Zoe’s turned to get sick.

December 31

Brought Zoe to the doctor. Got a birthday cake for Yanni. Then IMG01421everybody went to Pal-ing—Tito Neil’s place, for our New Year’s eve celebration. We had campfire and kids enjoyed their tent. It was indeed awesome and great to be home.IMG01436 

Jan. 1

Yanni’s birthday… dinner again at mama’s house.

Jan. 2

We were supposed to go to Dahilayan Zipzone but then Zoe was not yet ok.My hubby and I went to Monk’s Monastery and Amadeo’s instead.

Jan. 3

We had lunch at the farm in Dalwangan and visited Papa’s graveyard.IMG01460

Quest on Potty Training

I have a 1 yr old, 11 months, 3 weeks and 5 days old baby boy… and having a toddler at home is more than a handful. It is demanding and rewarding at the same time.Right now, we are on the quest of potty training. It had been two weeks that he goes to the bath to pee. But pooing is definitely hard for him to do on his potty. But last night, he made it. It was just 3 nights of really bringing him to the bath… and those trips in the bath is simply to make him sit on his potty. Last night was the night. He made it.

So how do you potty train a child?

There is no specific age for it. I saw some parents started early. But I saw some also started late, their child was already three years old. My two older kids were a bit earlier than Zoe.

Readiness is the key to start the potty training. Parents know when the child isready. We bought the potty last year, when Zoe was barely 1 year and 3 months. We let him get familiar with it but it really didn’t work that time. We knew, he wasn’t ready yet. So we kept the potty away because he hates it. Then 2 weeks ago, we took it out again and placed it in the bathroom.

Modeling is also important. Zoe has an older borther Jason. Jason is so patient and cooperative during the training. He routinely brings Zoe with him every time he needs to take a leak. Zoe imitated his older brother. And like I said, Zoe has been going to the bath whenever he needs to urinate. Zoe and i also browsed pictures in the internet of baby’s pooing in their potty. I believe that actually works because Zoe seemed to comprehend the idea that babies should defecate in the potty.

Praising should wrap every success in the toilet. Kids love praises. When they are being praised, they will habitually do the things that are praiseworthy.

These are just simple steps in potty training the child. These tips work for me. I hope it will to other parents. Things apply differently to every child. But be glad to share these things in my blog.


I fancy with pillows… I have at least 2 extra pillows that i put on my sides when i go to bed. I used a pillow to cushion my back when I am working in my computer.

I like my pillows to be extra fluffy and huge. I used to have a body pillow but I had to dispose it because it is occupying so much space already along with my two other pillows. My bedmate complains that our bed gets crowded with pillows. We are just opposite when it comes to pillows. He likes flat pillow, the one that doesnt bury his head.

I also love throw pillows. Aside from the decorative purpose, throw pillows are good sit-upon when there is no more room in the couch. I love to sit on throw pillows when squatting on the floor while playing board game. But if your throw pillow case is made of silk and decorated with beads and sequins, you better not sit on it.

I used to make and sell floor pillows. These are the types of pillows you place on movie den. I sold floor pillow in set. A set has 3 varying sizes of floor pillows. The biggest one is really huge enough to hold an adult body. The middle size pillow can cushion the body of an 8 year old kid at least. The smallest one is like the size of a throw pillow, just enough to hold the size of an adult butt.


“The meaning of the name Yanni is God Is Gracious. The origin of the name is Greek.It is a variant name of John. Yanni is normally a boy’s name.”

So why named my daughter Yanni?

I used to listen to Yanni and Mozart when I conceived Ashzley Leanne [ her full name]… But loving Yanni, the keyboardist/pianist, I decided to give it to my daughter as her moniker. No plans of pushing her to be one.

But now, I realized that Yanni is interested in piano, I thought she would join the dance class in Life Academy because she loves dancing… but she chose to join the piano class, she was the only kid attending. The only 8 years old in the class, the rest, they are all teenagers or teeners.

Yanni is literally living it up. There was no pressure from us, no insinuation of some sort. She just innately loves piano.

After her recital, I decided to tell her about the great Yanni. I told her how I got her name. Just today, the two of us went surfing about Yanni’s discography. She was laughing viewing the long-hair keyboardist/pianist. But she definitely admires his music. She instantly loved Reflections of Passion and To Take…To Hold.

In a way, I am surprised of my daughter’s enthusiasm in this kind of music. Her two piano teachers [Pinky and Jingle] have nothing but commendations. Yanni learned her lessons well. In fact she learned her recital piece in less than an hour. She memorized the notes that easily.

I have nothing but support for Yanni. I want her to spread her wings in the things she loves doing. I desire nothing but all the best [all moms do]. I pray that she will be glorifying God in the things she does. I will not hinder anything that will prevent her from maximizing her potentials. This is what my heart has for Yanni.