“Juggling” is a lot synonymous to “multi-tasking”… this term is not new, and most people in this fast-paced world, multi-tasking is pivotal if you want to get things done…otherwise you will be facing backlog from tons of work that has been piling up everyday.

Work seems to be endless… and tasks couldn’t be accommodated by the fix hours you have in a day… Oh, well! If people could just add one or two more hour/s… then you could have 25/7 or 26/7 rather than the not-so-enough 24/7…

Here is a clipart that represents my role everyday… I am a mom, a college instructor, a writer, a student,, and most of all a wife Winking smile 

christy juggling clipart

My Daughter Yanni Turns 10

I gave birth to her last January 1, 2001… She’s my only daughter and she has one older brother and one younger bro too… Rearing her [including the boys] is both a joy and a challenge… I wanted her to grow up into a fine godly woman.

Anyway, since she is born January 1…it is  hard to organize a party for her with her friends because most of the time their families are having parties of their own, or prolly they are on vacation too…

Anyway… we can arrange for a pajama party for her some other time.

DSC00100 (1)