Strikes Back

Scammers? They are just everywhere… yesterday… I received an email from so-called “paypal admin”… telling me that my billing info is out of date- that’s what he said…And I said. “RIGHT!” I learned the lesson from my friend who had been scammed before… so every time I received an email from unknown contact… meaning not my business contact or any of sort… I really checked the email add… anything incoherent… like he said he is from paypal but the email add is addressed differently…like this one had an email add”?

Phishing mails really upset me.


So here I am, blogging about this person…whoever you are… find a decent job.

4-7-2010 3-20-12 PM


How Scammers use YAHOO

My good friend and sister’s [in faith] email was hacked or let say used by scammers/defrauders/slickers/embezzlers [whatever name you got]. This person indeed was successful and able to take home 1200 euro… this was the content of his email to me…


I am in a hurry writting this mail to you,Sorry i didnt infomed you about my urgent trip to London,Unfortunately for me all my money was stolen at the hotel where i lodged, I am so confused right now, I dont know what to do or where to go,I didnt bring my phone here and the hotel telephone lines was disconnected during the robbery incident,so i have access to only emails, Please can you send me 1000 pounds today so i can return home, As soon as i get home i would refund it immediately.Write me so i can give you my address and name where to send me the money via Western Union Money Transfer,i will be waiting for your reponse

xxx name of my friend xxx

I knew right then and there that this was a scam. My friend would not write this kind of email. It doesnt sound like her…despite the fact that i knew she is well-traveled. So I emailed her using her FB account. I had the feeling that her email account’s password would be altered. However, one relative of my friend responded and indeed sent the person money. They chatted through YM. So the 1200 euro was wired in Western Union. The rest was history… leaving us all the lessons and feeling sorry for my friend’s relative.

So how would these scammers start… they will send you this so called yahoo alert. Read on. So how did i know this was fake? This alert has a different email… the email came from Yahoo Alert! <>. When you tried to reply on the email, this is what will come out,

Hmmm… tricky. You really have to read everything in your email. The sender’s name, the email address, these are details that sometimes we pay attention less. I’ve nothing against yahoo. I have yahoo email account. I am using their services…and scammers too. This is just an eye-opener to the unknown emails that we are receiving in our inboxes. Be alert and be critical on the content and the sender. If it doesnt make sense, be on guard. You can always call yahoo. You can inquire and send feedback to Yahoo. We can always double check the information we received.

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