Husband Wife ~ A last minute Christmas present

So we all had our Christmas experience for 2010… I am sure we all had the gift giving. Everyone gathered around the Christmas tree and gave the Christmas presents to our loved ones…

But before we did that, like some other people, I had my last minute shopping. I had to find a gift for my hubby-yo-baby-yo that very morning of December 24th. Everyone in the family had three gifts… my Mudra (momma), my sistah, but my three kids ~ they just got two individually wrapped gifts from us (meaning hubby and me), but they had more than that since their Timyta (aunt aka my sistah) had gifts for them- so they got more gifts obviously, which of course was great since they’re the most important beings in the house that must receive gifts.

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Christmas Gifts: Are You Wrapping One Yet?

It is 6 days to go before Christmas Eve… Most people are still wondering what to give for people on their list. Though, we always believe that it is the thought that counts but still you can not just get anything that comes to your sight first when you go to the malls.


We always think of some thing appropriate and usable. And so the picking of gift becomes tough…especially if you do not have much time. So the TIP: Buy gift as early as January especially if you have 100 and 1 people in your mind plus there are so many items on sale by this time…

But for the sake of those who are still on the process of hunting gifts for their loved ones… I have here the lists of general items that are great to wrap for your family and friends.

      • Gadgets
      • Toiletries
      • Books
      • Clothing
      • Shoes
      • Jewelries and Accessories
      • Office Stuffs
      • Home Decors
      • Gift Certificates from SPAs and Saloons
      • Wine/ Basketful of fruits or goodies

If you do not have time and if your loved ones are living abroad you can check or tick this online store. They can deliver the items you ordered for them.

Well, I hope that helps. Merry Christmas and Happy shopping.