I have been into freelance writing gig since I resigned from my work. I had mentioned in my other blogs of the circumstance why I quit my career.

Anyway, about this online/ homebased job… it is really cool. I am earning from my passion to write. I get short term projects either to ghostwrite or as a VA. The best thing about this is that I am able to be with my kids and do home school. Plus some “convenience” of being at home on the side.

Everything goes well. Writing gig comes regularly and pay outs are prompt…but not until recently… I have this a “month long”project with a [SEO] company. I worked and used my resources in good faith. Who would think of being scammed? But yeah… i was. I was used and abused… by doing all those rush articles every day…extending late hours til 4 am…

Anyway… he might have gotten away… but I know what comes around goes around. I would [definitely] not initiate the requital [of any sort]. I would not think about it… I decided to forget this thing happened to me but of course moving on with a lesson…vigilant not to get scammed again.

I know I am still blessed and will be blessed because I have God who is faithful and true.