Sore Eyes

My daughter’s eyes were reddish and itchy after swimming last Friday night. I thought that it will just go away the next Monday… but it didn’t. My husband said it is sore eyes already… and I said NO! My schema of sore eyes is limited to that of pinkeye, that inflammation of eyes brought by virus… but then again, I was wrong… I was googling some home remedy for that red eyes when I learned that there are 3 different forms of conjunctivitis (Bidisha Mukherjee) Accordingly, one is bacterial  conjunctivitis; second is viral  conjunctivitis; and third one is chemical  conjunctivitis.

The chemical conjunctivitis is most likely what my daughter is experiencing. I suspect that the chlorine in the pool was out of proportion, that it came too strong and really harsh that my daughter’s eyes were affected.

I have here two resources regarding eye infection and the negative effects of chlorine.

Sore Eyes

Pool Chlorine