album-dare-to-dreamMy Daughter, YANNI, really likes to listen to Yanni “the pianist”. So we have been surfing to find his discography. My Yanni loves the music album of Yanni DARE TO DREAM. Her favorite so far in this album is Yanni’s A Night To Remember.

The tracks in Dare To Dream are:

  1. Once Upon A Time
  2. A Love For Life
  3. Nice To Meet You
  4. So Long My Friend
  5. You Only Live Once
  6. To The One Who Knows
  7. Face In The Photograph
  8. Felitsa
  9. Desire
  10. Aria
  11. A Night To Remember
  12. In The Mirror

Here the available DVDs of Yanni.

The biography of YANNI as a contemporary musician, keybordist and pianist is linked here.


“The meaning of the name Yanni is God Is Gracious. The origin of the name is Greek.It is a variant name of John. Yanni is normally a boy’s name.”

So why named my daughter Yanni?

I used to listen to Yanni and Mozart when I conceived Ashzley Leanne [ her full name]… But loving Yanni, the keyboardist/pianist, I decided to give it to my daughter as her moniker. No plans of pushing her to be one.

But now, I realized that Yanni is interested in piano, I thought she would join the dance class in Life Academy because she loves dancing… but she chose to join the piano class, she was the only kid attending. The only 8 years old in the class, the rest, they are all teenagers or teeners.

Yanni is literally living it up. There was no pressure from us, no insinuation of some sort. She just innately loves piano.

After her recital, I decided to tell her about the great Yanni. I told her how I got her name. Just today, the two of us went surfing about Yanni’s discography. She was laughing viewing the long-hair keyboardist/pianist. But she definitely admires his music. She instantly loved Reflections of Passion and To Take…To Hold.

In a way, I am surprised of my daughter’s enthusiasm in this kind of music. Her two piano teachers [Pinky and Jingle] have nothing but commendations. Yanni learned her lessons well. In fact she learned her recital piece in less than an hour. She memorized the notes that easily.

I have nothing but support for Yanni. I want her to spread her wings in the things she loves doing. I desire nothing but all the best [all moms do]. I pray that she will be glorifying God in the things she does. I will not hinder anything that will prevent her from maximizing her potentials. This is what my heart has for Yanni.