Those who hate spoilers…read at your own risk!

Yes it is another feel good movie. And yes…the ending is so predictable… and it is another simple love story… of finding true love. I can not say it is a five star movie… but it has made me grin most of the time. It hit my weakest point and made me rekindle my own love story. Matthew Goode may not be the hottest male personality in Hollywood in comparison to Mark Wahlberg or Antonio Banderas or Rob Pattinson (don’t forget that the choice of comparison is subjective) but Goode seems just right for the role. He was so charming. His disposition in the movie reminded me of an old flame.

The thing about love story- for those who love this genre, is that it would not only entertain them but also would make the lovers of the genre find their way back to their own true love. The chemistry of Amy Adams and Matthew Goode are exceptionally good. The way they restraint their emotions for each other adds sizzle in the story. The existence of Adam Scott adds spice in the film. Well, love triangle always works.

Those emotions seen in the movie are real. Like the fiancé of Amy Adams- Jeremy, some people like Jeremy commit to the relationship not because they are driven by love but – sad to say- comfort and convenience. Being presumptuous – the attitude of Anna Brady (Amy Adams), is in reality a big turn off. While I was watching the film, I could not help but give a remark like the character deserves all the tough luck so she’ll come to her sense. Well, I do get carried away when watching a movie. Declan tried to suppress his feelings, and is indifferent to women because of his past experience. A person who does not deal his own broken heart – or meet head on the situation in general, will grow indifferent towards others. If Declan does not need money to redeem his hostelry, he would not bother bringing Anna to Dublin. Of course, the scriptwriter tried to weave the lives of the characters in the story- and present it as fate in the movie.

Another thing that brings color to the movie is the Irish culture exposed in the film. The people around- mostly the men, presented their superstition in a humorous way- so I thought. Spitting on their palm before Declan (Matthew Goode) and another character made a handshake for a deal is a bit bizarre.

Now, I leave you your own verdict and go watch the film. I hope I did not spoil the movie too much. For me, I had fun watching and I did watch it more than once… In fact, I plan to buy my own DVD to add it in my collection.




t-09126” I will Love You Forever… Every single day of forever…” -Edward Cullen

It’s been like three months since i got hold and read the TS (and still rereading for the 3rd time the whole saga) and still watching the movie for… i dunno… perhaps beyond my fingers can count…

Obviously, those were a hyperbole … but that only implies how i am so into it already… somehow i find the excuse that i always am a passionate woman.. i love romance and the happy-endings and the thrill of being in-love and being loved… despite my age and the fact that i have someone with me for about 11 years not only to warm me in the cold night but my a-matter-of-factly- hero in this world. John has always been my knight in his own shining armour as i pictured him to be … 14 years back… and he gets better everyday…

Reading the TS, has unearthed that fondness of reading romance. I didn’t know that it had been long buried to the deepest core of the earth as i busied myself in the real battles of life. I had no idea that the undercurrent of this fast-paced world, not to mention the mammoth concerns that our family have been facing, has drifted me away from things that i enjoyed and even loved doing….

The TS has enlivened my old self. The “me” that i have shhhed every time it calls “myself” for attention to enjoy life…

I am so glad that Stephenie Meyer was able to write these novels splendidly that it brings “me” back to life.