If the Shoe Fits

I have been a full time mom for more than three months now (I dropped promising career for the second time now, this is in obedience to God’s Word). Staying home with my children maybe taxing but on the other hand made me experience the joy of motherhood (by God’s grace).

I always look at my kids as babies; young, dependent, and helpless to some point. But the more I spent time with them the more I see them growing and maturing. There was one night as I peeked in their room, I caught Jason covered sleeping Yanni with her blanket, not only that but there were many instances that he tried to tie Yanni’s hair. Yanni too has sense of yielding to authorities in the family. Growth is inevitable. It is something that you can’t stop from happening because it is a natural process. Regardless in physical size and shape, it progresses to its own nature. Otherwise, each becomes abnormal.

Similarly, our spiritual growth (Lk 2:52; 1 Pt. 2:2) is a natural development of our spirit as we exposed ourselves to the Word & remains in the Lord (Jn 15:4). It compels us to grow, mature, thus makes us bear fruits and multiply, quality and quantity-wise.

I can only imagine our Father in heaven pleased as we willingly do his will for us. Like in our own children, no joy has brought me this much when I saw them on their own doing bible study, Jason reads to her sister their bible and briefly processes Yanni what the story is all about and how they apply it. They do this not because we imposed it on them, not because they want to please us to get something in return but because they now understand it by heart that we belong to God, and they want to know God through His Word. I often hear each one reminding the other what Jesus says for them to do.

What a challenge to us adults who know better by far than these children.

In Joshua 1:8 God told Joshua “Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, SO THAT you may be careful to do everything written in it…” Much as Joshua 1:8 is a promise of material blessing and successes but we forgot (or chose to forget?)that beyond the blessings God is more interested with the purpose of this verse… SO THAT YOU MAY BE CAREFUL TO DO EVERYTHING (not a few but everything) WRITTEN IN IT.

God desires our obedience (Dt. 30:9c,10-14)more than sacrifices we made for the Lord (1 Sam. 15:22). Others have the misconception that as they attend bible study, serve ministry, and do charity, then it is already the greatest act of love for God.

But the Lord says in John 14:15 “ IF you LOVE me, you OBEY my commandments.” Jesus rebuked those who called Him “LORD” and does not obey His commands. (Mt. 7:21; Lk 6:46). Bible knowledge is nothing unless you put them into practice. What you are going through then is simply a literary appreciation, no spiritual assimilation of the Word. Service in the church or ministries is not the “everything” of faith. The greatest adoration one can show to the Lord as a sign of faith is our OBEDIENCE to His word. Activities in the church are just a parcel of the entire calling. It could only be an expression of gratitude from the love that God has lavished on us.

Looking back intently with my own children, I came to gain deeper understanding when Jesus said… “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt. 18:3, NASB). There are three of the many facets that I’d like to single-out in this passage and I saw in the heart of a child. First, kids are dependent on their parents. Their trusts are enormous. Whatever their parents say they obey. My son would always come to me for help, or would always take our word and do it, say, we told him to take care of Yanni and he does in his little brotherly way takes care of his little sister. Second, kids are goal-focused. What they want that’s what they go for and strive to do or have. Like Jason, he likes basketball a lot. He dreamt to be a basketball player someday. So what he does now whenever he is physically good , he goes with his dada playing basketball every Monday. He observed his dada and constantly practice basketball. And lastly, kids do things to make their parents happy. My daughter will always ask me if I’m happy with her or with what she’s doing. Every time I said yes, I can always see her distinct delight and the sparkles in her eyes. My answer is already an achievement for her… and she sticks to doing it because it brings satisfaction in her heart.

To wrap all this, I pray all of us adults will get to have a heart like a child. God-focus and God-dependent, obedient, and strive to do things that pleases and glorifies God. Because in everything it’s not about “us” but GOD. Yeah… if the shoes fit…take them…put them on and wear them.

[from my blogspot published in 2006]