Prison Break Final Break?

I appreciated this TV series. I admire the plot, the presentation of the story. Every scenes are relevant and never wasted.

Most of my girl friends are loving this TV series. They have followed it since 2005 (I just started following the Series two Fridays back, I really do not have the patience to follow things like these on TV). And now that it has ended, there is this some sort of painful separation that my friends are feeling. I was able to chat online to one of my friends back home. One of the things we talked about is the final season of Prison Break. We threw questions and what-if ideas. We brainstorm of what could have been and might have been of the scenes that we thought have more to tell than plainly showing the series of events. Really, our imaginations were advancing. It was crazy but a fun chat as always.

Going back, Like I have mentioned in my other blog, There are some sequences that were seemingly suspended. To cite one is the body of Scofield. Knowing the pattern of narration in Prison Break, some characters whose tombstone were shown were not actually dead as the story unfolded in every episode. Now, enough of mentioning the obvious though there are still more to point out but I decided to rest my case. I do not want to keep my hope high. It was what it was, I simply refuse to heighten further my inventiveness. LOL.

But yeah! given the possibility that it might have another season, I am an additional fan. I surely will be watching it from episode 1 down to the last. Cultivating all the patience I can get. And should there be none, Prison Break will be remembered as one of the few finest TV series ever created. I am cheering for more of that kind. Yeah, Cheers!