God is always pleased when we are dependent on His will. Jesus commanded us to seek God first. Paul also taught us to do the same. In the Old Testament, when Abraham depended on God, the Lord credited it to Abraham as righteousness.

Being dependent to the Lord requires total obedience. You can never be dependent unless you obey what he says. One can not exist without the other.

As a child of God, He expects us to call upon His Name, not only when we got MAYDAY in our lives but also in normal days we have.

It is not in the storms of our lives that we fail to be dependent on God, in fact, we cling to God. We hold on to Him in hard grip. It is in the stillness and calm moment that we fail to recognize the existence of God and our relationship to Him.

We tend to take over the steering wheel. Take note! He will never argue on us. He allowed us to do what we like to do. God will never take away the “WILL” that He gave us. But never forget that it is at this time that God gives us hard lesson. That at the end of your willful disobedience to Him, you will always go back to Him and say “YES, LORD! You always know what’s best for me because your ways are higher than mine.”

To avoid hard lesson, we only need to OBEY and be DEPENDENT in our God.