It’s Complicated

My husband and I are both movie buff…we both love watching movies. Two nights in a row we were watching the movie of Meryl Streep (oh, i love Meryl Streep!). Perhaps, you have seen “It’s Complicated”, her movie with Alec Baldwin. It was really a “laugh-trip” film. It has substance and lessons…but my oh my…she is really good in acting! The dialogues are all funny. And there maybe some nude scene but it was well done. It doesn’t look kinky and not an offbeat. Adult scenes are nicely executed.Below is the trailer of the movie, this is for the sake of those who have not seen it yet….




t-09126” I will Love You Forever… Every single day of forever…” -Edward Cullen

It’s been like three months since i got hold and read the TS (and still rereading for the 3rd time the whole saga) and still watching the movie for… i dunno… perhaps beyond my fingers can count…

Obviously, those were a hyperbole … but that only implies how i am so into it already… somehow i find the excuse that i always am a passionate woman.. i love romance and the happy-endings and the thrill of being in-love and being loved… despite my age and the fact that i have someone with me for about 11 years not only to warm me in the cold night but my a-matter-of-factly- hero in this world. John has always been my knight in his own shining armour as i pictured him to be … 14 years back… and he gets better everyday…

Reading the TS, has unearthed that fondness of reading romance. I didn’t know that it had been long buried to the deepest core of the earth as i busied myself in the real battles of life. I had no idea that the undercurrent of this fast-paced world, not to mention the mammoth concerns that our family have been facing, has drifted me away from things that i enjoyed and even loved doing….

The TS has enlivened my old self. The “me” that i have shhhed every time it calls “myself” for attention to enjoy life…

I am so glad that Stephenie Meyer was able to write these novels splendidly that it brings “me” back to life.